Move Part One: Finished

Well, the first part of my move is done. It was hellacious, but I survived. I got some good workouts. For three days straight, I climbed around 30 flights of stairs with items and descended 30 flights of stairs with items. It was difficult to keep up on my water intake, but I had to since the weather was terrible in the Midwest last weekend. So everything is status quo for a month. I am breathing a sigh of relief.

As far as my healthy to do list, I have been eating better. Not perfect, but better. I have been working out each day. I have been using the essential oils on almost everything. Reading has happened, but not at the frequency that I want. And the blogging….we all know how I have failed there. 🙂

Mister Man has opened up his place to me for a month. It is strange. I mean it is his place, but I feel that this is some sort of trial as to how we will live our lives in the future. He hasn’t put an ounce of pressure on me, but I am pressuring myself and probably this relationship. I need to just chill and do my own thing. Whatever that might be. I went for a long walk this morning and then again when I returned from work. It was nice to be alone with the poodle. The neighborhood around his apartment is perfect for walks and runs. It is super safe with little to no traffic. The houses are all owned by upper middle class families or retired couples. I have enjoyed getting to know the way the street curves and the flow of the neighborhood.

I believe it will be a nice adventure.


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Moving Update and SoapDish

So, I cancelled my lease. I never actually signed. Anyways, what this means is I have to have something figured out in 10 days. Good news is that everything that is left is having the prices slashed. Bad news is that my dream places are taken. That being said, I believe I will find something I will love. I am a little stressed out hence the bagel eating this morning, but in less than a month everything will be grand.

Last night, I watched SoapDish.

photoIt was only the second Sally Field movie I have ever seen, but I thought she was adorable. Of course a cast including Kevin Kline (fellow alumni), Elizabeth Shue, Robert Downey Jr., Terry Hatcher, Whoopi Goldberg and Faye Dunaway would be fantastic. Sadly, I totally saw myself being nutso like the cast. It has taken concerted effort to NOT make my life a soap opera. Go out and rent it. You will love the glitzy latter eighties clothing and Kevin Kline.


In a little over two weeks, I have to be out of my apartment that my sister and I live in. Did I mention that my sister will be in Europe during this time and that she does not know if she will be moving with me or if she will be moving out West?

In addition, I don’t really like the place I am moving into. Not that it is a nasty place, but there are two things: distance from work and wallpaper. The distance is really only an extra 10 minutes and why am I complaining about wallpaper?

I just think that I am in the time in my life where I can have a house that I love. My perfect little bungalow/condo/cottage/apartment! But no. I am moving into a place I cannot call a home. Perhaps it is the frequenting of Pinterest that makes it even harder. Sigh….