Moving Update and SoapDish

So, I cancelled my lease. I never actually signed. Anyways, what this means is I have to have something figured out in 10 days. Good news is that everything that is left is having the prices slashed. Bad news is that my dream places are taken. That being said, I believe I will find something I will love. I am a little stressed out hence the bagel eating this morning, but in less than a month everything will be grand.

Last night, I watched SoapDish.

photoIt was only the second Sally Field movie I have ever seen, but I thought she was adorable. Of course a cast including Kevin Kline (fellow alumni), Elizabeth Shue, Robert Downey Jr., Terry Hatcher, Whoopi Goldberg and Faye Dunaway would be fantastic. Sadly, I totally saw myself being nutso like the cast. It has taken concerted effort to NOT make my life a soap opera. Go out and rent it. You will love the glitzy latter eighties clothing and Kevin Kline.