Itchy Scalp and Sagging Skin

Let me start this off by saying a few things.

  • I don’t wash my hair every day.
  • I use minimal products on my face.

The last few weeks, my scalp has been itching like the dickens. I haven’t even gone to bed with wet hair (that always seems to set my scalp on fire). I was just dealing with it until last week at work, I had to brush off my shoulders several times. When it gets to the point of dandruff, I have to do something.

I almost went to the drug store to get some Neutrogena Tgel, but I thought I would go natural this time. What did I do? I used eucalyptus oil and apricot oil straight on my scalp.

I put about a tablespoon of apricot oil with 8 drops of the eucalyptus oil and massaged it into my scalp. It is kind of itching right now as it is in a bun on top of my head soaking, but I am confident that this will make it so much better. Plus the smell is divine.

My skin has been lack luster lately. I am sure it is more my poor diet and lack of exercise than my skin care products. Still, I thought I would pamper it tonight. So, I have given myself a facial in the mean time.

Step 1: Use hot water on a wash cloth and rinse skin to open up pores.

Step 2:

I enjoy the Freeman AntiStress Mask. I think it is inexpensive and gentle on my skin. The scent is pleasant and the shade of turquoise doesn’t make me as terrified as the bright white or green for some reason.

Step 3:

I love Arbonne. This mist balancing toner is fantastic. So light and perfect to start the facial ritual.

Step 4:

I will have to say that Arbonne’s serum is so much better for my skin than Ellen Tracy’s. I feel that my skin gets a little to oily with Ellen Traicy intensive deep wrinkle serum. That being said, I have dry skin. Any amount of oil feels like too much. I have had a few zits since use. I get a pimple about once a month. So far, I have had four this month. I will see what my skin does when I start my workouts.

Step 5:

An older woman once told me that the secret to preventing wrinkles is tons of moisturizer. I bought this pot of balm about three months ago. I am almost done. I love the stuff. I slather it from chest to chin. It has a wonderful light smell that does not interfere with your lotion.

Step 6:

This is my witch doctor time. I do spot treatments of essential oil. I have a pimple. I will mix a little bit of face lotion and lavender and apply it to the area. Wrinkled spots get frankincense mixed with face lotion. I only use Doterra oils and my face lotions differ from Arbonne to Nuance to Lumene. It really depends on what my face has been doing and what I want for that day.

Step 7: Enjoy my supple skin and start on a mani/pedi!


What I Have Used

So, I have been watching a lot of video blogs. I love it. I love to see makeup techniques, morning rituals, healthy cooking, organization tips and workout plans. It has been inspiring me. My blog used to force me to try new things, but with some changes in work, I felt uninspired. Watching these channels on Youtube has forced me to look at my daily habits and examine them. Finding the little rituals in daily life and thinking more about what I do and what I use day in and day out has inspired me.

So, to get to the meat of my blog, I thought I would post a little bit about what products I have used and little bits about them.

Items A, B, and C All Eyeshadows
Items A, B, and C
All Eyeshadows
Items D, E, F, G
Items H and I



A and B – I worked at Victoria’s  Secret for two years in my early twenties. In that time, I learned so much about makeup application. I am by no means an expert, but I learned about highlighting, shadowing, liners, primers, etc. Every semi-annual sale, I like to stop by V.S. and pick up makeup. I found these two items two years ago. Royal and Most Wanted were two great palettes. Royal was a wonderful smoky purple and Most Wanted was the perfect natural trio for my skin and eyes. The only problem with trios is that I use the lighter color way before I use the darkest color as you can see. I would buy these again, but Victoria’s Secret has discontinued all of their makeup… I have learned that I should buy singles

C – This is a Mary Kay color I received from my Aunt about 6 years ago. Can’t believe it took me this long to finish it. Obviously, this color didn’t quite fit me.

D – Gillette Fusion is a men’s razor. I actually prefer it for my legs. I think I get a better shave without getting the razor burn.

E –  Neutrogena Wet Skin spray on spf 30 is a wonderful sunscreen. I have tired of the scent because I used it every day last year during my long vacation. It is gentle on my sensitive skin and doesn’t clog my pores.

F – Lumene is a skin care line you can get at your drug store. I find it very moisturizing and gentle. I prefer all natural products, but this is great for a drugstore brand. This was a small pot of night cream. It lasted a while and it cost less that $5. If you ever need product from the drugstore, I strongly recommend Lumene. It has a pleasant scent and a very nourishing quality.

G – My favorite product in this list. DoTerra Lavender oil is the best thing ever. It is such high grade that you can even ingest it. I use this oil for any type of burns including sunburns. It is great on bug bites and any small abrasion or skin irritation. DoTerra is a product I fully support. It is expensive, but it is worth every penny.

H – This is a MacBook Air case I bought from Amazon. It was better than going without a case, but it never fit quite right. The bottom portion broke and I just ordered a new one this week. I hope the pink is better than this strange coral.

I – I bought this great pine scented candle at TJMaxx this winter. Yankee’s Balsam and Cedar is the best candle I have bought of this type. I love the scent of any evergreen, but often candles can have that perfume quality. Would buy this again!


So these are the products I have just finished recently. Have you used any of these?


Good Bye 2013

2013 is almost over. Thank goodness!

Not that 2013 was a bad year. It was a hard year. I got a new job, moved apartments twice, let my body go, started therapy,  ascertained my relationship needs and drew a line in the sand. Not all bad things by any means. Just difficult.

So, I have started setting up for a great 2014.

photo 1-1

photo 2-1


photo 3-1

Cut caffeine, juicing, making an inspiration board, got all of my Doterra oils out.

The juicing has been great. My skin feels fantastic. It was the perfect time to start. This Christmas, I got the flu. The first day out of bed, I pulled the juicer out. It was the first time I had used it. I really needed the extra nutrients. The only draw back is the prep and clean up. For the last week, I make about 20 ounces each morning. I drink one glass first thing and another glass before lunch.

  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Collard Greens
  • Spinach
  • Mustard Greens
  • Carrots
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Green Apple

There are other things I cannot wait to begin.

DoTerra Digestzen and Lavender

A year ago, my sister and I were doing our usual mountain experience followed by a few days in Seattle with close friends. Within a few hours of arrival, I noticed these small brown bottles all over the kitchen. Essential Oils….I had heard of them before and I sniffed each one of them. I have always appreciated the organic, holistic, granola, make your own soap lifestyle. It has never been something that I have fully jumped in, but I do partake in some “hippie” living. They raved about the products. In those few days, I learned about coconut oil and all of the benefits. I learned about how essential oils can change your life. And I learned about doTerra.

My sister and I jumped in and purchased the starter kit. It had about 12 different essential oils and/or blends. We used the Slim and Sassy in our icecubes to flavor our water, but we didn’t really do much more. I did use the Oregano on a patch of skin that the doctors had labeled psoriasis. Come to think of it, I don’t have the skin malady anymore and I had been struggling with it for almost eight years. Wow!

Anyways, when I returned from Punta Cana, I was really sick. Nothing stayed in me longer than a few hours. This went on for over a week. I was eating chicken broth and crackers with a side of pepto. I consumed so much pepto….ew! Then my sister mentioned the oils. There they sat on the little pedestal, barely touched. We did some research and discovered Digestzen. It is supposed to cure both constipation and diarrhea. Basically, anything wrong with your digestive system, it should fix. So I took a few drops in a shot of water. Eww. It was not very yummy. Tasted just like strong fennel seeds. In a few hours, I was able to eat food and keep it in my stomach.

This week, I have been stressed and my system got a little stopped up. (I have a super sensitive digestive tract.) I started taking a few drops daily of the Digestzen and it allowed for some movement, but nothing like my usual amount. (Sorry for the details.) The instructions said to use topically as well. So, I rubbed one drop on my lower stomach with coconut oil. One hour later, my colon was completely cleaned out! It was amazing. It was as effective as a laxative, but so delicate on my system. I never felt sick or crampy.

Over the weekend, I did a lot of cleaning. In fact, last night I was exhausted from all of the things I had accomplished over the weekend. Let me state that I am a napper. I love naps, but I limit them to 20 minutes. Otherwise, my nightly sleep will be disturbed. So, I took a warm shower then used doTerra’s lavender with coconut oil as a moisturizer. I used about three drops for my entire body. I had a slight sunburn and it felt calming on my skin. I felt as if I had just left the spa. This is saying a lot because I love the spa and I really know what it feels like to be relaxed and calm. So, I snuggled in with a book at 6:30. I woke up at 10 PM! Ugh! I was convinced that I would be awake for the rest of the night. Even though I got up to let the dog out, I was out again in just one hour. Out for the rest of the night. It was a fantastic night sleep.



Do you use essential oils?