760 Days

I have loved you with my inner most being for 760 days. I have adored you for 1,491 days. I have known you and liked you for 2,219 days. Of my 11,842 days, you have been a part of some of the happiest days. Perhaps, that would mean little to me if I had an additional 5,500 days. Fuck you. I love you so much.

You are my everything and yet nothing. My heart holds hope, but expects nothing. I am blessed, but cheated.

*I found this in my drafts and wanted to share it. What a ride.

Perma Vacation

Mister Man and I got back from Punta Cana last weekend. It was a wonderful trip. I think we learned a lot about each other while spending time with his best friend and his wife. JD ended up taking all of the pictures. This is the only one I got is this one:photoThere are things I love and hate about vacation. About 3/4 of the way through we made a list of all of the things we wanted to continue in real life.

  • Walking everywhere: On a sprawling resort, one can take many steps in a day. We got in our 5 miles a day going to the workout building, breakfast, lunch, dinner, up the beach, down the beach and everywhere in between. I have decided to spend more time walking instead of driving.
  • Television: We didn’t turn on the tv once. It was nice to get our entertainment from late night shows, dinner with friends or reading.
  • Fresh fruit in every meal: On an island, tropical fruit is everywhere and we ate a lot of it.
  • Getting to know strangers: JD and I do this anyways, but it is a nice thing to continue.

And then there were the things that we realized we did miss about our real life:

  • My cooking: I love to cook. I also get very sick from not eating well.
  • Speaking just one language: The spanish thing was fun, but by the end of the trip, I was speaking spanglish and I wanted to just think in one language.
  • No alcohol: I drank so many pina coladas, mud slides, screwdrivers….I just wanted some good ole fashioned water.
  • Space: Mister Man is so wonderful, but spending 7 days in a tiny room with another human being becomes a tight squeeze. That being said, since we have returned, I miss him so much.

What things do you love and hate about vacation?


The End of May

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Cannot believe May is drawing to a close. The last week has been filled with my new job, a photo shoot, family visits, workouts, exploring campus and cooking yummy treats.

Derby Days

Today, JD and I are headed to Churchill Downs. This will be my first horse racing experience.
I’m expecting everything and nothing. I’ve heard some insane stories, but Friday should be calmer. When I told one of my superiors at work that I would be in the general admission area, she seemed worried. I can’t wait to post crazy pictures.

The happiness project is going well. I didn’t get in all of my workouts, but my eating is improved as well as my sleep.

Last night we saw Iron Man 3. Robert was amazing as usual! 🙂