Eff That Pinky

I broke my pinky toe ten days ago.

I would like to say it was doing something awesome like deadlifting 200 pounds or breaking in a new pair of Louboutins. Nope. I caught it on the edge of the tub while taking a shower. The pinky toe doesn’t do that much, but let me tell you. It does mess up your workout routine for a good week. I didn’t go to the doctor because I’m cheap. It is taped and secure. I will survive. I hobbled around work with my Minnetonka’s on for a while. It was far from hot.


Instead of running like I had hoped. I did hot power vinyasa for a few days. It was pretty hard especially since I was favoring my left foot. Then IThe rest of the week is planned out on workouts. I hope to be able to do all of them.

Monday: Elliptical 45 minutes

Tuesday: Cardio, Crossfit Light

Wednesday: Legs and Cardio

Thursday: Cardio, Crossfit Light

Friday: Hot Power Vinyasa, Cardio

Saturday: Next Generation Workout

Sunday: 1st Ru


One thought on “Eff That Pinky

  1. Broken pinky toe is painful. The throbbing. The burning. The misery. Broke my own pinky toe 2 years aog. I had to wear Uggs at work for 2 months. I didn’t care what people thought. Speedy recovery to you!

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