Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree went up at work today. It made me happy to see it. Especially since this is my last week at Indiana University. Six years of employment, one undergraduate degree and one masters degree has given me oodles of memories. It is hard to think about not working within higher education. It is safe and in my wheel house. Moving to the corporate world will be a big change and I hope I am up for the challenge. We shall see.

I’ve been researching how to be a better project manager. I will be creating all of the processes by scratch for this department. It will be hard in ways that most wouldn’t expect. I will have to tread lightly. That isn’t my best talent. I am blunt to put it nicely. Thank goodness I am empathetic. I would be unbearable otherwise. 🙂

I’ve been setting up a pinterest board for all of the articles I find. I found this great first week of work article:

Does anyone have any other great project management resources?


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