Itchy Scalp and Sagging Skin

Let me start this off by saying a few things.

  • I don’t wash my hair every day.
  • I use minimal products on my face.

The last few weeks, my scalp has been itching like the dickens. I haven’t even gone to bed with wet hair (that always seems to set my scalp on fire). I was just dealing with it until last week at work, I had to brush off my shoulders several times. When it gets to the point of dandruff, I have to do something.

I almost went to the drug store to get some Neutrogena Tgel, but I thought I would go natural this time. What did I do? I used eucalyptus oil and apricot oil straight on my scalp.

I put about a tablespoon of apricot oil with 8 drops of the eucalyptus oil and massaged it into my scalp. It is kind of itching right now as it is in a bun on top of my head soaking, but I am confident that this will make it so much better. Plus the smell is divine.

My skin has been lack luster lately. I am sure it is more my poor diet and lack of exercise than my skin care products. Still, I thought I would pamper it tonight. So, I have given myself a facial in the mean time.

Step 1: Use hot water on a wash cloth and rinse skin to open up pores.

Step 2:

I enjoy the Freeman AntiStress Mask. I think it is inexpensive and gentle on my skin. The scent is pleasant and the shade of turquoise doesn’t make me as terrified as the bright white or green for some reason.

Step 3:

I love Arbonne. This mist balancing toner is fantastic. So light and perfect to start the facial ritual.

Step 4:

I will have to say that Arbonne’s serum is so much better for my skin than Ellen Tracy’s. I feel that my skin gets a little to oily with Ellen Traicy intensive deep wrinkle serum. That being said, I have dry skin. Any amount of oil feels like too much. I have had a few zits since use. I get a pimple about once a month. So far, I have had four this month. I will see what my skin does when I start my workouts.

Step 5:

An older woman once told me that the secret to preventing wrinkles is tons of moisturizer. I bought this pot of balm about three months ago. I am almost done. I love the stuff. I slather it from chest to chin. It has a wonderful light smell that does not interfere with your lotion.

Step 6:

This is my witch doctor time. I do spot treatments of essential oil. I have a pimple. I will mix a little bit of face lotion and lavender and apply it to the area. Wrinkled spots get frankincense mixed with face lotion. I only use Doterra oils and my face lotions differ from Arbonne to Nuance to Lumene. It really depends on what my face has been doing and what I want for that day.

Step 7: Enjoy my supple skin and start on a mani/pedi!



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