Cabin Fever

I got really sick on December 22nd. Since that time, I have only had a smattering of days that allowed me to escape the house. Today, our little city is completely closed due to a snow storm. Even the gyms are closed. I just want to work out.

So, I started doing squats, lunges and situps every so often. Since my apartment’s heater cannot seem to get the temp above 52 degrees, the occasional burst of energy does a lot for the heat factor.

I am really excited for this year. It will be full of changes and adventures. I just know it!

Just need to get out of this house to get going! I have thought a lot over the weekend about the things I would do if I knew I could succeed. What have I been afraid of doing? What is holding me back? We all gravitate to a comfort zone; a place of familiarity and a place of safety.

Recently, I have been trying to wrap my brain around this attribute. It is very instinctual. The animal kingdom functions the same way. Lack of risk keeps them alive. Except very few humans feel fulfilled with only survival in our current age. It is a battle between our animal instinct and our human desire for excitement.

I want to throw my fear aside. I want to live life to the fullest. Let the journey begin!


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