The Mixup

I woke up yesterday morning to this:


It was a very cold Thursday morning in Indiana. Around 9 am, I went to warm my car. I could not get in. The remote key was not working. I uncovered the locks and the manual key would not work. Ugh! Battery dead and locks frozen. What a terrible start to the day. I called roadside service and they told me that they would have to tow the car and put it in a garage to fix it.

I hate spending extra money on silly things like that. I spent the next few hours researching my car and trying home de-icing remedies. In and out of the house I went. Back and forth with different concoctions to get that darn door open. Nothing would allow me to shove that key in the key hole.

By 2 pm, I had given up. I set out with the scraper to fully uncover my car. If they were going to tow it, I at least wanted to get all the ice and snow off it. I started scraping the back windshield and uncovering the trunk. My snow brush uncovered a bit of red. Red? It was a bumper sticker. That IU Alumni bumper sticker beamed from beneath the snow.

I am an IU alumni, but I don’t put bumper stickers on my car. That little adhesive told me immediately why I had been unable to open my car door. It wasn’t my car!

My neighbor with a matching car, parked in my usual spot and threw me for a loop. So glad I didn’t have his car towed. 🙂

Have you done something totally brainless lately?


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