What Is Wholeness?

I don’t know if it is the yoga, the essential oils or the alternative religions I have examined; but it seems to me that “wholeness” seems to keep slapping me in the face. In fact, I even used the word in a recent post. Practice Wholeness…. What does that even mean? Really? I believe that there is some common feeling that washes over each of us when we hear that word, but the true meaning is different to everyone.

I searched the word in Pinterest just to see what popped up. It ranged from fitness quotes to dealing with depression. Then popped up a verse from the Bible. Abridged version: God makes us whole. Instantly, I realized why my parents shied away from things like yoga and meditation while I grew up. Being raised in a traditional christian home, we were to dwell on the Lord and lean on Him to make us whole. We could never attain wholeness on our own.

Wow. I didn’t anticipate getting so deep for this post. Anyways….

As I have aged, I have struggled with this concept. I find that many christians use this as an excuse to not better themselves. Since we can never be whole, why try? Since God is to lead us, why work at doing anything on our own? If it isn’t 100% Bible based, is it a teaching we can even accept?

Is wholeness purely spiritual? Or do our actions, thoughts, and state of being play an integral part in our wholeness? What would my life be like if I was whole? Would I just be in church every day following the teachings of the Bible or is it more?

I am examining the concept and I believe that Wholeness incorporates all of the following:

  • Healthy Body
  • Sound Mind
  • Unfettered Soul

To attain each of these items, one must put many things in line. A healthy body is void of addictions, exercised regularly, fed wholesome foods and given proper rest. A sound mind is not stressed by work, is unhampered by unhealthy relationships, has time to reflect, is controllable, can easily rest and most importantly thinks on good things. An unfettered soul loves, finds joy, is empathic, cares, has patience, shows fortitude, is teachable, rejoices, gives sympathy….etc.

So, when I say I want to practice wholeness, it isn’t a simple task. WHOLENESS is a whole lot of things. Regardless of religion, I feel that everyone should be practicing wholeness through their life choices. Now I just need to figure out how I want to try to practice wholeness.


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