I stumbled upon Bridges of Madison County late in life. Well, if you call 28 late in life.

I remember watching it and being so struck by the way someone can profoundly change you. I felt so drawn in by Francesca. Her commitment was undaunted by a man that so desperately wanted to share the side of himself he kept hidden.

So often, I find movie story lines frilly and unrealistic. Everything in this movie seemed gritty and lovely. I could almost feel the drops of water falling from the shower or taste the lemonade that was sipped from the sweaty glass. I watched as Francesca’s wisps of hair around the nape of her neck clung to her summer skin. When Robert stiffly danced with her in the kitchen, visibly she melted into him and he softened.

It seemed that both Robert and Francesca kept themselves from fully allowing love in. Yet, were willing to do so with each other. Sometimes, I think about my life with Mister Man and how well we compliment each other. I feel that we are a great team and it is relatively easy. I can’t help but compare him to Robert’s character. A bachelor, set in his ways, ever keeping a part of himself safe from harm.

Would he stand in the rain for me waiting for me to join him, all the while knowing I will not? How many people put themselves out there like that for love? Would I? We want this fairytale love, yet we play it safe. What keeps us back?

I think about the moments in life that still move me. They were moments of abandon…Moments of deep emotion. How does one keep themselves open to those moments?

These are just some of the thoughts swirling in my head tonight. I’ll leave you with a little treat. What are your thoughts on the subject?


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