Is It the Last Day of July?

Quick blog post…..

Things have been very busy. Work is going well. I bought a new car (Honda Civic). This homeless thing until the 19th is allowing me to have extra time with friends and family. Finances are falling into order….la dee da dee da

To be honest, I barely noticed I turned 31 last weekend. I have tried to be present. it is one of the hardest things I deal with.

That being said, this whole bunking with Mister Man while I await my new apartment has been interesting. We really are learning to deal with each other. I thought we would have a harder time than what we are having, but it has been easy. He is very flexible once he gets accustomed to an idea. I am looking forward to my new place, but I will miss the time with him at the end of the day.

So, in celebration of the my favorite month, I cracked open a bottle of wine, made yummy treats and prepped meals for the beginning of August. Bring it on, August.


How was your July?


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