Apartment Overview

So, I found a new apartment.

Is it my dream come true? Not exactly, but I am happier for sure.


  • lots of square footage
  • dog park
  • pool
  • .5 miles from park
  • 1 mile from Mister Man
  • 1.5 miles away from work
  • super inexpensive because it is late in the leasing season


  • It is about 15 years old

Really the con isn’t that bad. I am just super picky. Now I have to figure out the storage situation. I will be homeless for around a month and need to find a place to store all of my antique furniture. Did I mention that both Mister Man and my sister will be out of town on moving day? 🙂 Goodness sake. I am a project manager for a living now. I have the skills to figure this out.

Does anyone have tips on storage units and or moving?

As a side note, it is so strange to see how other people live. I know that my coffee table has a stack of books. Sometimes, we leave dishes in the sink and a pile of clean clothes on the bed or bedside chair. There are mornings I do not put my makeup away. And it has happened before that I have not vacuumed for over three weeks. BUT THAT IS NOTHING. We walked into one place and it was a complete dive. Crap was everywhere. It was as if they had never heard the phrase “a place for everything”. And then there was the crazy occupant of an apartment that never let her dogs out and had pee pads everywhere. If you are reading this and use pee pads for your animals, stop! They are so gross! Especially stop if you never let your dog out to use grass as their potty place.

So, what strange things have you experienced while searching for a place to live?


2 thoughts on “Apartment Overview

  1. Pee pads are disgusting. My Aunt uses them for her two dogs and I refuse to visit her because of it. She was even hospitalized once because of an infection she got because pee pads were everywhere. CRAZINESS!!! Congrats on your apartment. 🙂

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