So, It Is July….

I know that I am sometimes over the top, but when it comes to the month of July, I am all out cray. July is my birthday month and therefore, I am the queen for the next few weeks. Now, I am happy to share my throne with all of the other July babies or Leos out there. I think this is the main reason why birthdays turn into birth months for the July Leo:

  • The month begins with fireworks and celebration
  • We love parties
  • We love our circle of friends
  • We love to be pampered
  • We love to be the center of attention (I almost deleted it, but kept it because I can’t hide the truth. If you ask Kay, my coworker, she would agree with this Leo trait. Kay also states that July Leos are not real Leos. She is an enigma.)

This all screams a month of fun to me!!!

So, this month, I wanted to do a few new things. I wanted to deep clean the apartment and have a finer things brunch. I’ve been seeing images all over with fancy breakfasts that southern ladies put on and I want to do the same. Or we could pack a fancy picnic and lounge about…. Whatever. I just want to have an especially nice ladies time.

In addition, I want to cook a delicious French dinner for my love. Now, you might think that cooking should not happen during one’s birthday month, but Mister Man lavishes me with so much praise regarding my meals that it really is a treat for me as well.

And wouldn’t it be fun to have a bonfire? I need a smore. 🙂


Speaking of Leos should I get this tattoo? The cowardly lion gets so pretty after visiting OZ.  🙂



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