How to Get What You Want

Originally, I wanted to name this blog post, “Encouragement”. I work at the marketing firm for Indiana University. We are great at so many things. One thing we could improve upon is doling out the praise. We are so busy completing projects and trying to make clients happy. Frequently, we forget to say thank you or “Wow! Your design rocked!” Recently, I moved from from data analyst and list manager within this department to a project manager. I love the job. I love my boss. I love our team.

What I have discovered is that this new team in which I am a member is like a family. It is such a stark contrast to what I came from. We were made to feel like islands. Partly because there was a lack of communication and partly because we had no safety net. It was lonely and disheartening. Now in my new position, I realize that former environment is not an unnatural phenomenon. As I continue to work with these people, but in a different capacity, I realized what I needed to do to be successful at my job. I needed to make each of them feel like they were a success.

Everyone likes to know when they do a good job. If I know that there is a congratulations at the end, I work much harder. We ALWAYS know when we fail. Do we always know when we succeed? Do we take the time to let others know when they are excelling? My new job is to keep projects on task. It entails a lot of checking in and pushing the project along. What works the best is a positive attitude and lots of praise. If I believe they can do it and when they do it I make them feel important, everyone is happy.

So, I have tried to make everyone feel appreciated for what they are doing. Sometimes it is hard, but you get more flies with honey. 🙂


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