Whirlwind Working Woman Who Runs

Well, I feel as if I am getting the hang of this job. That doesn’t mean that I am a whiz yet, but I definitely hit the ground running. It has to be the perfect job for me. Between the organizing, bossing, and getting to know clients, I am in heaven. Yeah, there are those things I put off doing like everyone does in a job, but to be honest-those are few and far between. We had a conference this week and I had so much fun with my clients and coworkers. I feel so blessed to love my job the way that I do.

Vacation is ten days away. I have started running again. I went ahead and bought new running shoes. Those Asics completely ruined me. Within a mile, my shins and heels were screaming. They forced me to give up and focus on my functional training. Unfortunately, my shoulder started acting up. After dealing with numbness 18 month ago, I have babied it anytime it is in pain. So, when the pain started again, I had to invest in some nice running shoes and go lace up.

I found these:

2013-06-02 14.50.57Newton’s might be the best running shoe out there. With a lowered heel, they force one to hit more in the forefoot when running. I am not going to lie, I like all the bounce and cush possible. These allow me to have to comfort without sacrificing the form. I am a convert. And so is the poodle as she loves our runs. 🙂

Other than that, I have promised myself to mind my eating the next few days. In addition, the mister and I are headed to Chicago and are trying to get everything in order before we leave. More to come on our projects. Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry for the break. I had to get situated before I could really spend some time on the blog.


2 thoughts on “Whirlwind Working Woman Who Runs

  1. It’s really interesting how people’s feet are so different. I’ve been buying Asics since high school — a lot of different brands in between, but I keep doing back to Asics. Yet I was born with Flintstone Feet, so….
    Glad you’re enjoying your job. 🙂

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