Barre not Bar

I cannot believe this! I was almost done with my blog entry and Firefox crashed.

The abridged version:

The sizzle sisters (four outgoing women that love morning workouts) decided to get together one last time before a sister moves to Omaha. Who even lives in Omaha? We decided to try out Bloomington Body Bar. BBB holds several classes. One of them is a Barre class. I thought our vivacious group known for hijinks and everything funny would be a blast in this environment. I was expecting this:

Instead we got this:

Ok. Not really. There was a lot of huffing and puffing.

Actually, Bloomington Body Bar is an amazing facility. Very Very Very nice. Hardwoods, great lighting, personal hand towels, small classes, flavored water and I am sure a complimentary orchid if I had asked. I joked that it should be called the 2 ct. club. Only women with 2 ct. solitaire diamond rings attend. I found the Barre class fun, but I was only slightly sore. Plus there was some chubby know-it-all that talked down to us. This only made me feel that I was probably that girl at my current gym.

With my friend’s urging, I tried some of the other classes.

These are the things I look at when I go to a gym:

  • Is it clean? Do I enjoy the environment?
  • Are the people friendly? Do I feel comfortable with the instructor?
  • Do I work hard during the workout? Will I be sore for at least a day post workout?
  • Is there enough variety to keep me interested?
  • Do the hours work with my schedule?
  • Is it cost effective? Is the membership cost worth it?

After trying a different class (TRX) I found that BBB did fit many of the criterion. The only problem is that the cost is very high. I have to weigh the pros and cons. I love my current gym, Btown Barbell. It mixes weightlifting moves with functional body weight exercises. It is just nice to mix it up.

What about you? What workouts/class type is the best for you? Do you love variety or want to stick to the same thing?


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