A Career Change

I have been looking forward to this post. On Friday, I officially accepted a job offer.

This has been in the works for many months now and I haven’t been able to talk about it on my blog. Now I can tell my story.

My current job was a hand-me-down.

A coworker moved to Minnesota and I wanted a promotion, so… guess who inherited the responsibility of data management? I wasn’t the best fit for the job because I lacked the expertise and passion. But I made it work. In fact, I made that job my biz. Since I began working for Indiana University in 2008, I have made many connections and built a knowledge base that really should not reside within just one person’s head.

With each semester, I grew bored and took on more….Resulting in my almost mental breakdown of December 2012. I found myself taking 9 graduate level credit hours, completing three VIP holiday cards (President, Provost, VP), showing the ropes to my new supervisor, and increased email jobs by four fold. I also worked weekends at the local winery…for fun.

Something had to give. I found myself crying weekly. It wasn’t the high volume of work. It was the actual work. I just didn’t enjoy it. That is why I decided to go to grad school. With the end of school in sight and the expectation that I would stay in Bloomington for at least another three plus years; I decided to start the job hunt.

It was almost magical, but an internal job became available. I would work for a woman I greatly admired and I would do things I would love doing. It would be a great challenge, but I could do it. You know when you find a job and you just “know” it would make you come alive? That is how I felt when I applied. The whole process wasn’t a bed of roses and I at times doubted I would get it.

After two months of talks, interviews, guessing and worrying; the job is mine. I start next Monday and I could not be happier.




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