Holly Golightly’s Apartment

I’ve been obsessing about Holly’s New York Apartment from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I guess I never really looked at the set of the apartment while watching. I usually focused on the interaction and the story telling. But man oh man do I love her place. It is simple but eccentric. I think I might start sleeping in a tuxedo shirt. Oh Holly.


Picture it, there is a person in your life that just disgusts you. Every time you see them, you are annoyed with their faults. You can’t even look at them without frowning at their love handles. They smile and you think, “their teeth could be whiter.” They walk away and you internally remark at the lack of bounce in their hair. In fact, is that a grey hair you see? What? Such an old and flabby excuse of a human being.

Welcome to my internal dialogue.

So, here I am every day hanging out with someone that disgusts me. It forces me to check out and avoid reality. I do things to prevent being present, things like watching tv in bed, eating crap food and drinking.

Earlier this week, I really thought about the concept of loving yourself. Let’s be honest, I rocked out to Whitney’s “The Greatest Love of All” as a toddler. This concept has been around my entire life. I always thought it involved self respect and being strong as a woman. I am a fiercely independent woman with a good sense of self. I have grown to not allow people to disrespect me. I love others, but I don’t take crap. I always thought that is what self-love was all about. RESPECT

Self-Love involves so much more.

Help me out. How do you express self love?

Eff That Pinky

I broke my pinky toe ten days ago.

I would like to say it was doing something awesome like deadlifting 200 pounds or breaking in a new pair of Louboutins. Nope. I caught it on the edge of the tub while taking a shower. The pinky toe doesn’t do that much, but let me tell you. It does mess up your workout routine for a good week. I didn’t go to the doctor because I’m cheap. It is taped and secure. I will survive. I hobbled around work with my Minnetonka’s on for a while. It was far from hot.


Instead of running like I had hoped. I did hot power vinyasa for a few days. It was pretty hard especially since I was favoring my left foot. Then IThe rest of the week is planned out on workouts. I hope to be able to do all of them.

Monday: Elliptical 45 minutes

Tuesday: Cardio, Crossfit Light

Wednesday: Legs and Cardio

Thursday: Cardio, Crossfit Light

Friday: Hot Power Vinyasa, Cardio

Saturday: Next Generation Workout

Sunday: 1st Ru

Meditate Plant Life Oil

I started using essential oils around three years ago. Doterra is absolutely wonderful for consumption, but I have experimented with other brands for just topical use. I found Meditate at TJMaxx and it is my go to sleeping oil.

I also use it when I go to spin class. My spin class always stinks to high heaven. Put a bunch of sweaty crotches in a tiny room and it is kinda nasty. The Meditate on my wrist and neck sometimes helps. Anyways, I absolutely love the stuff.

Clove, Geranium, Lavender, Orange and Patchouli

I mostly smell the Clove and Lavender and it just soothes me. I am sure I smell like a hippy to others, but I don’t care. This stuff just sends me into and instant state of calm. Try it if you ever get a chance.

Week 2

The week after the Holidays seems to go on for forever. I am thankful mine has been busy enough to keep me from dwelling on the fact that I wasn’t able to take any vacation this month. :(

I’ve started this new job. Project management really is a lot of fun. I may not be the most conventional project manager. I like to get to know the team really well. In my opinion, knowing someone closely only helps you help them achieve their goals. Slowly, that has started here. I might be probing just a bit, but these guys are starting to tease and laugh with me. I’ve learned what their personality leanings and what motivates them. They really are a great group of guys.

There is one woman that works here. She has been a complete surprise and delight. I think we are becoming friends in the real sense of the word. We have started working out together 3 times a week. She is so much sweeter than I am. Do you ever meet those people that you just know are nicer people? That is how I feel about her.

Other than that, this week has been filled with workouts. It has been freakishly cold in Indiana. I am focusing on how soon Summer will be here.

Monday: Hot Power Vinyasa, Walking, Weights

Tuesday: Crossfit

Wednesday: Walking, Weights, Spin

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Core Workout

Saturday: Spin, Hot Power Vinyasa Advanced

Sunday: Hot Power Vinyasa

January Goals

January is well underway! I have set up my monthly goals to support my yearly goals. They are a few days late, but I am so excited to get them started!

  • Run/Walk 150 miles

Tone It Up is hosting a “Love Your Body” Challenge. Part of the challenge is to traverse 150 miles by Valentine’s Day. This works well with my half marathon training.

  • Remove waterproof caulk from kitchen

The previous owner was a bit of a dufus. He used waterproof caulk in the kitchen over the red paint he painted the kitchen…yuck! When I try to paint over it with my lovely eggshell blue, the paint will not stay. So now I have to use chemicals and tools to remove it and redo it.

  • Plan March trip

I believe by March, I will be dying for some sun. I would love to visit my cousin in Pensacola and it will be a good goal to get on my way to a bikini body.

  • Pay down $1000 of debt

After the purchase of my house, I used my credit card to cover the incidentals of the move. Now I have to dig my self out.

  • Create possible charity list

I have felt a strong need to donate my time. I need to make a list of possible places that need help.

  • Bring Ruby food

Ruby, is my sweet neighbor. She has a diabetic wheel chair bound husband. I would like to start visiting her.

  • Finish 2 books

I am determined to finish two books I have started.

  • Consume a raw meal every day

I have followed Fully Raw for a year. I believe consuming more fruits and vegetables (especially raw ones) is a good move for everyone. I commit to having one completely raw meal a day.

  • Effectively kickoff all project management jobs

With the start of my new job, I have several projects that need an official start. I hope to have all of these jobs well under way before the end of the month.

  • Create work goals

On January 19th, I have a meeting with my director to go over my career goals.

  • No spending until Valentine’s day

My sister and I have committed to zero shopping until Valentine’s. I think it is necessary to go on a spending cleanse.

2015 Begins

2014 was a rough year. I did accomplish a lot. I bought a house, graduated from grad school, ran my first half marathon, got a new job, etc. Still, I look back and I am not satisfied with my year. Why? The escapades with Mister Man overwhelmed me. I gained ten pounds. WTF? My travels were very lack luster. So, what would I tell my 2014 self?

Get off your freaking butt, stop crying and start having a great year!

By the end of 2015, I hope to have accomplished all of the following:

  • 150 miles by Valentine’s Day
  • Run a sub 2:30 Hoosier Half
  • Kitchen back splash
  • 2 new state visits
  • Run a sub 2:00 Sea Wheeze
  • Pay off citicard
  • Find and help a charity
  • Visit neighbors
  • Finish 20 books
  • Start raw meals